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Hello and welcome to my world of weddings, wedding photography and everything else in between.

FABB Weddings provide wedding photography packages and budget wedding photography for those on a limited budget, but still provide a high level of customer satisfaction.
We’re not the typical wedding photographer as our style is mainly photojournalistic.  But if you’re all about the traditional shots of the tall at the back and the small at the front, then I can accommodate that too and still apply the same professionalism to the shoot.

As wedding photographers, we want to capture passion, love and elegance in a candid, way and to create images of those natural and spontaneous moments that make your wedding day special. That said, its your day, and I’m not completely against shooting the couple and a few of their closest friends, but be prepared to relax and follow our lead so we don’t just get pretty smiles for the camera.

FABB’s aim is to capture spontaneity with candid natural poses, by moving quietly through the ceremony and the reception we’re able to capture this spontaneity and create the most magic moments of your day. We have contained my costs by reducing many overheads such as expensive albums. If you need an album I can confidently point you in the right direction for you to chose what you want. 

We’ve been in the photography business for so many years and I often think about the early days when photography was on 35mm film and the major event to production was the darkroom. Here there was little room for error and as a budding wedding photographer I just had to get it right at the time of pressing the shutter Exposure meters were a very common piece of equipment slung around your neck and as anyone in the industry would know, the Bride reigns supreme especially on “her” day, so mistakes at this point of pressing the shutter can be a very daunting experience.  Hence the exposure meter to make sure exposure and shutter speed were going to provide the solution to avoid retribution from the bridal party.

Why do I mention this? Well, its to do with the fact that from an early age, I have developed a keen eye for detail, developed my skills as a photo-journalistic wedding photographer and become a leading well respected wedding photographer, but lets now take a brief tour of what and how I do it.

So please take a look at the pages, there’s a ton of information on the posts.  Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions, and if you have heard of something new or a merchants that needs a plug, please make your comments here

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