Antique Wedding Jewellery

Antique jewellery, material of jewelry in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Types of jewellery included engagement ring and pendants include.
The affection for antique jewellery is limitless and that’s why there are still many jewellery collectors around the world who collect antique jewellery just for their personal interests. But there are few things that you need to know before getting into this flashy business.

Materials Used in Yellow Gold:
Many people are confused about the fact that the yellow gold they have, isn’t pure. Surprisingly, every gold jewellery isn’t pure actually. There are some alloys and metals to give support and rigidness to your jewelry. It’s not about double-dealing but these alloys and other (below mentioned) materials are essential for the long-lasting jewellery.
Specifically talking about the yellow gold, here are the materials that the jewelers mix with the yellow gold.
There are actually two categories of yellow gold i.e. 14K Yellow Gold and 18K Yellow Gold. The materials used in 14K Yellow Gold are listed as follows:
29% Copper
58.5% Fine Gold
12.5% Fine Silver

While talking about the 18K Yellow Gold, the materials used are as follows:
15% Copper
75% Fine Gold
10% Fine Silver

Materials Used in White Gold:
The white gold do have more grace and demand because of its fascinating white color. The material used in 14K Standard White Gold are:

12% Copper
58.5% Fine Gold
6% Zinc
8% Nickel
4.5% Silver

Moreover, the 18K of White Gold have the following ratio of materials used in it.

10% Copper
75% Fine Gold
8% Nickel
4.5% Zinc
2.5% Silver

All the above mentioned materials must be included to improve the rigidness and solidness of jewelry. Otherwise, a jewelry made with only fine gold will gain dents and will even break with few minor strikes.

Common Platinum Alloys:
Platinum is one of the most expensive, rare and attractive gemstone. It doesn’t loses its shine and platinum doesn’t get brittle as well (the property which gold lacks in). The common platinum alloys used in USA are:

900 Platinum parts and 100 parts of Iridium
950 Platinum parts and 50 parts of Iridium
950 Platinum parts and 50 parts of Ruthenium
950 Platinum parts and 50 parts of Cobalt

Types of Jewelry – Engagement Rings and Pendants:

Antique engagement rings actually identifies a sense of true love. It also reflects a huge milestone between couples. So, you must know something important things before you buy a ring for your fiancée. Pendants are also very popular in terms of beauty, but they aren’t much valuable against the engagement ring. So, you must know the following tips before you buy an engagement ring or a pendant.

Her Finger Size
Mostly, couples go together to buy a beautiful and suitable ring for themselves and that situation, there’s nothing to worry about because everything can be handled right at the spot. But when it comes to giving a surprise, you may not want to let her know about the ring. So, you must know the ring size of your companion to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Know her choice
You also must know her choice. What she loves the most? You must ask this question to yourself before buying a ring. You also must keep in mind her lifestyle as well. Buy what she loves, not you.

Your Budget and Warranty
No doubt, limitations of budget comes across everywhere when you buy something. Keeping in mind your budget, buy the suitable ring that will surely be according to your fiancée’s interest. Ask your dealer if they provide you the money-back guarantee or other insurance options if any mishap occurs.

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