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The Federation of Australasian Brass Bands (FABB) is dedicated to the promotion and rebirth of Brass Banding to the wider community. It is hoped that the brass band movement can be promoted as both a healthy art form, and provide opportunities to build alternative family blocks within which the members can actively seek and act out their musical passions.

It is our goal to promote the banding movement to all levels of our community and hope that individuals with musical talent and inclinations have a viable pathway into the community whether their goals be as a professional or amateur musician.

Reasons to choose an awesome celebrant

Who is a wedding celebrant?

Everything in this world is changing so rapidly that’s why trends are also different nowadays. People tend to enjoy their weddings with proper and best arrangements. Wedding celebrant is a person who performs all activities that are important to make a wedding memorable. They come up with many ideas and plannings that are useful. They provide a lot of services to the couple and every other person who is present at the wedding. Wedding celebrants have their certificates and they are perfectly knowledgeable about all religions, beliefs, cultural differences, traditions and customs. Wedding celebrants do many things to arrange your wedding ceremony with the best planning.

Reasons to choose an awesome celebrant

The wedding celebrant plays an important role, So before choosing a wedding celebrant you must know which celebrant is best for your wedding. Suggested by Alison Saunders Celebrant, here are some reasons why we should choose an awesome wedding celebrant:

To get rid of wedding planning

It is difficult to plan everything for your wedding, You know your likes and dislikes but still, you need some newness so you can enjoy your wedding like a beautiful surprise. Before choosing any wedding celebrant you have to be very careful because good celebrant can make your wedding awesome and a bad choice can ruin your precious time and money. Keep in mind that only experienced and expert celebrants are good for your wedding.

Being at ease so you can enjoy

You tend to choose an awesome celebrant because you also want to enjoy your wedding, You need to be free of all the plans and preparation because you want to look fresh on your wedding day. They provide you complete service packages to assist you in every way on your wedding day.

Engage and serve your guests perfectly

You don’t want your guests to be spectators at your wedding. Your wedding can be more cheerful if your guests are engaged in your wedding ceremony. Taking services of wedding celebrants will help you to engage and serve your guests very well.

To turn your dream into reality

If you have your personal plans and wishes about your wedding day, you can choose an awesome celebrant who can arrange your wedding at the place where you want no matter what is the place. The wedding celebrant can make it perfect for your wedding.

You want to surprise your partner

You both belong to different religions but still, you want to make your wedding enjoyable for both of you. Only an awesome celebrant can make it happen. You can surprise your partner by completing all activities to his/her religion and yours as well.

Complete all the important & legal formalities

You cannot neglect anything, only an experienced wedding celebrant can complete formalities and make sure your wedding is valid under marriage act. He/she can make your vows according to your wishes and desires. You can share your idea with celebrant because a good celebrant listens to the bride and groom carefully before the wedding, so they can arrange for your wedding the way you want.

Antique Wedding Jewellery

Antique jewellery, material of jewelry in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Types of jewellery included engagement ring and pendants include.
The affection for antique jewellery is limitless and that’s why there are still many jewellery collectors around the world who collect antique jewellery just for their personal interests. But there are few things that you need to know before getting into this flashy business.

Materials Used in Yellow Gold:
Many people are confused about the fact that the yellow gold they have, isn’t pure. Surprisingly, every gold jewellery isn’t pure actually. There are some alloys and metals to give support and rigidness to your jewelry. It’s not about double-dealing but these alloys and other (below mentioned) materials are essential for the long-lasting jewellery.
Specifically talking about the yellow gold, here are the materials that the jewelers mix with the yellow gold.
There are actually two categories of yellow gold i.e. 14K Yellow Gold and 18K Yellow Gold. The materials used in 14K Yellow Gold are listed as follows:
29% Copper
58.5% Fine Gold
12.5% Fine Silver

While talking about the 18K Yellow Gold, the materials used are as follows:
15% Copper
75% Fine Gold
10% Fine Silver

Materials Used in White Gold:
The white gold do have more grace and demand because of its fascinating white color. The material used in 14K Standard White Gold are:

12% Copper
58.5% Fine Gold
6% Zinc
8% Nickel
4.5% Silver

Moreover, the 18K of White Gold have the following ratio of materials used in it.

10% Copper
75% Fine Gold
8% Nickel
4.5% Zinc
2.5% Silver

All the above mentioned materials must be included to improve the rigidness and solidness of jewelry. Otherwise, a jewelry made with only fine gold will gain dents and will even break with few minor strikes.

Common Platinum Alloys:
Platinum is one of the most expensive, rare and attractive gemstone. It doesn’t loses its shine and platinum doesn’t get brittle as well (the property which gold lacks in). The common platinum alloys used in USA are:

900 Platinum parts and 100 parts of Iridium
950 Platinum parts and 50 parts of Iridium
950 Platinum parts and 50 parts of Ruthenium
950 Platinum parts and 50 parts of Cobalt

Types of Jewelry – Engagement Rings and Pendants:

Antique engagement rings actually identifies a sense of true love. It also reflects a huge milestone between couples. So, you must know something important things before you buy a ring for your fiancée. Pendants are also very popular in terms of beauty, but they aren’t much valuable against the engagement ring. So, you must know the following tips before you buy an engagement ring or a pendant.

Her Finger Size
Mostly, couples go together to buy a beautiful and suitable ring for themselves and that situation, there’s nothing to worry about because everything can be handled right at the spot. But when it comes to giving a surprise, you may not want to let her know about the ring. So, you must know the ring size of your companion to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Know her choice
You also must know her choice. What she loves the most? You must ask this question to yourself before buying a ring. You also must keep in mind her lifestyle as well. Buy what she loves, not you.

Your Budget and Warranty
No doubt, limitations of budget comes across everywhere when you buy something. Keeping in mind your budget, buy the suitable ring that will surely be according to your fiancée’s interest. Ask your dealer if they provide you the money-back guarantee or other insurance options if any mishap occurs.

Where to Find Engagement Rings

Vital Pieces of Engagement Rings

The ring is merely perfect! Ritani rings are an assortment of timeless signature wedding bands. They use the highest quality platinum and gold metals. A number of rings were created from exactly the same billet which would appear like they were cut from the exact same cord of wood. Most rings won’t have any certification or appraisal. It’s because of this that such rings, symbolic of love, are the most pursued heirloom-jewelry to be transferred from 1 generation to the next.

You’ll locate an enormous group of rings, which range from antique styles to modern contemporary styles that are priced at discount prices for fast close out sale. Engagement rings, in the same way as any other type of jewelry, come in many distinct styles. So shop online for antique engagement rings and you’ll remember to locate a discount engagement ring that’ll be just remarkable! The engagement ring is easily the most crucial object of jewelry for woman. Our collection of one-of-a-kind engagement rings is just available through Jewelry Designs. Vintage engagement rings arrive in an assortment of styles to fit many distinctive personalities and tastes. At Ross-Simons, the ideal vintage engagement ring is simply a click away so begin planning that proposal!

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers will help you to find the great oval engagement ring to meet your preference and your financial plan. Just be certain your on-line jeweler provides a totally free return policy! If you’re searching for a designer engagement ring, you would like to get it from a jeweler who knows the very best designers.

If you’d like to find out more about how to purchase the best jewelry at the lowest prices, take a look at the Beard’s Jewelry Education Center. Antique jewelry appears beautiful and classic. Necklaces are many times formed from a metallic jewellery chain.

In the last few years, platinum has turned into a highly popular pick for engagement rings. White gold stipulates a look much like platinum, but it’s a softer metal. Rose gold, which has become popular in the past few years as a substitute color, is an excellent means to add an additional element of uniqueness.

Both diamonds are really outstanding when compared to those inside the online antique jewellery market. Doing this ensures you will be able to buy a certified diamond which you choose. It is all up to you to really select your own diamond so as to finish the ring.

Diamonds are hard, but they aren’t indestructible. A really colorless diamond can be difficult to discover, making a colorless diamond a more costlier, pricier option when selecting an engagement ring. Most typical Diamonds are categorized within this range. Placed along the duration of the channel, the more compact diamonds add more brilliance to the ring. On the opposite hand, there are quite few people for which a 0.25-carat princess diamond isn’t likely to look too tiny.

In all honesty, purchasing a diamond on the internet is a tricky decision for almost all of us. Regardless of what occasion you’re looking for, and regardless of what the woman you’re searching for likes, you are going to be sure to get the perfect diamond earrings from Simon G. for a present. Clearly, in case you haven’t spent a great deal of time around diamonds and jewelry, there’s an excellent chance you’re unfamiliar with this sort of ring.

The Hidden Secret of Engagement Rings

Think of how you’ll present this ring to the one that you love. When searching for engagement rings, there are a few things you must know. Antique engagement rings are a favorite style that numerous ladies adore the look of. Whether you’re on the lookout for a diamond ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace, we will supply you with tips for selecting a present that’s guaranteed to please.

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Engagement Rings

You would like to pick a ring your loved one is going to adore, but you also need to earn a sensible selection. Although this ring can often offer an additional feeling of brilliance to an otherwise single solitaire, it can be hard in the event the ring should be resized. Diamond rings arrive in styles to fit everybody’s taste. 3 diamond rings have gotten popular in the last few years as the 3 stones represent a relationship’s previous, present, and future. They have come into their own. Cheap and very affordable diamond engagement rings are available easily, but you have to be attentive to earn a suitable choice. If you’re on the lookout for a lovely diamond engagement ring, you won’t fail with a conventional diamond solitaire!

In Nordic nations, engagement rings are worn by both women and men. An engagement ring is just about the second-most important purchase you will ever make (your house being the absolute most important), and therefore you need to select wisely. There are a number of engagement ring designs to select from.

Wedding Fashion at a Glance

Wedding Fashion Features

Learn what the groom and bride or parents to-be have registered for. The wedding is among the happiest moments in somebody’s lifestyle. Wedding is among the most exciting and momentous portion of each individual’s lifestyle. Themed weddings are always enjoyable and a good source of one-of-a-kind wedding ideas. Your gown needs to be glamorous and cause you to feel beautiful, right now, as you’re now. You may not wish to choose a sleeveless gown, but instead gowns with in depth sleeves or big collars. If you go for extended evening gowns, then understand they will also need more material.

Their fabric has to be good with no compromise. It has to be good at any rate. After all once you know what sort of fabric is used, you’re at least sure regarding the comfortable level you ought to be expecting from these types of dresses. The fabric needs to be smooth and tasteful on your skin. It might be possible that its fabric is of quite high quality as nobody would set the price tag tag so significant for no reason. Then you are going to become familiar with about the fabric and its quality.

You may incorporate the monograms on several wedding items. In the event you are, then you just have to get to the tee designed by that designer and once you obtain them, you do it. If you’re able to, pick a weekday to go looking for your wedding dress. Several new wedding planners think having an internet presence is all you have to do in order to entice brides. If you’re fortunate enough, then you’re able to become up to 50% off on dresses. Initially people were skeptical regarding the development of these dresses.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Wedding Fashion

The wrap dress is an excellent way to put on a V-neck. To begin with, clothing in plus sizes sometimes have to also be petite. It’s possible that you already discover you have to purchase clothing from 1 store in a size larger than clothing from a shop in the future. If you think about buying clothes you should take these hints into consideration. Buying clothes for the present size make sure that you look good at the present time of purchasing them. For the wearer to relish the wedding and truly feel chic, the dress needs to be comfortable. If you know the best place to shop, you can receive a flattering, well-fitted prom dress that will cause you to truly feel as a queen.

The dress ought to be tailored to fulfill your body precisely. Plus size dresses can fix every issue. Contemporary bridesmaid dresses are offered in a large selection of lengths, styles, colours and fabrics. What’s more, it is imperative to wear flattering lingerie that will cause you to truly feel comfortable throughout the evening. So that when you go to purchase the dress, you already understand what you are seeking. No matter what color you select, make certain to locate your wedding dress first. In case you are trying to find inexpensive wedding dresses, you might have to boost your budget a little.

Whether you’re petite, athletic, or even curvy, there’s a dress you may carry off. Second matter to be on the lookout for in these dresses is their complete length. The dress that looks great on a very small classmate with no curves will bunch and appear unflattering if you’ve got them. You can opt for mermaid style dresses, just so long as they don’t have too many information.

Sooner or later you are going to be asked whenever your wedding date is. You will likely wind up shopping for dresses months before the evening. To make certain that you are not going to risk looking less than fabulous on your wedding day, an A-Line wedding dress is quite a safe and ideal for anyone who’d wear that, particularly for petites as it lengthens the general appearance of your entire body. Everyone will bear in mind this enjoyable and distinctive game, so make sure to include it when you’re planning for your wedding shower. Whether there are wedding ideas that you truly enjoy, attempt to put in a personal touch. First thing which you ought to acquire rid is the notion that a full figured body won’t ever be a sexy body. Choosing the most suitable wedding dress styles makes a big difference.

Yes, the next thing to do is to choose the size. These days you are able to come across any size of clothing for practically any type of women.Any sort of women can come across clothing of nearly every size. Second matter to be on the watch for is hip dimensions and waist width. To begin with, you should know the fundamental dress shape you’re on the lookout for. There’s an ideal cut and style for everybody. It might be possible that a few of the pieces may be available at quite affordable selling price but it doesn’t to suggest that you buy them straight.

Secret Techniques for Wedding Planning Only a Few People Know About

The Nuiances of Wedding Planning

WEDDING FAVORS Wedding favors can be available in many various shapes and sizes. Arranging a wedding may be an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. You shouldn’t need to settle for equal wedding that all your family and friends are having.

You need to be able to have a whole wedding you’ve always wanted, on a budget that is appropriate for YOU. Arranging a wedding has never been simpler or more enjoyable. You have earned the wedding which you dream about, and its now incredibly simple to attain that.

You are able to guarantee your wedding will be yours and nobody else’s. After all it’s your wedding. Your wedding is among the most significant days in your existence. Since it’s your wedding they ought to be more than pleased to assist you.

Wedding is very good event for everybody’s living. Organising a wedding may lead to relationship issues, financial difficulties and distractions on the job. Furthermore, be sure everyone involved with the wedding understands the wishes of the wedding couple, for example, officiant of the ceremony. Whether you want to have a destination wedding, a wedding a brief way out of town, or within close travelling distance to the majority of your visitors, it’s so important to think about the location of your wedding venue with regard to how easily it are available by your visitors and the distance your visitors might have to travel to achieve your venue.

For an official dinner party, invitations could possibly be expected. Wedding reception invitations may also be utilised as reception-only invites. Moreover, be certain to keep your financial plan in mind while you shop for stationery. Wedding stationery is 1 area where you could spend less without it having a huge effect on your huge day.

Employ a wedding planner when you have decided to get this done. A wedding planner is among the best resources you must stick with your budget. A printable wedding planner will be able to help you accomplish precisely what you’d like. Many wedding planners provide a variety of services to fit your wedding budget. With a tabulated printed form accessible, planning has gotten so straightforward! Wedding planning isn’t as simple as it may seem.

What Does Wedding Planning Mean?

If you budget enables a videographer may be a good way to capture memories. If it allows an Event Organiser is always a good option, but ensure you have solid ideas on what you want beforehand to save you money. Of course if your financial plan allows for it, an expert wedding planner may be an excellent thing. CONSIDER HIRING A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING COORDINATOR Once it has been determined, you will be in a better position to consider whether you would like to hire a professional to plan and coordinate the details of your wedding. Not forgetting, you should realistically consider your financial plan for your wedding.

The Wedding Planning Cover Up

You are able to personalize them to your particular needs to coordinate with your wedding theme. In this instance, it’s wise to take aid of an expert template that’s available, since, that very well defines the right means to plan out expenses and also manage budget in a certain way. It is an excellent help if you may locate a wedding venue that has many facilities and services which can support your event to ensure it is extra special.

As much as it can look like a great idea to have somebody you know plan your wedding, it truly isn’t. It’s a fantastic concept to have a plan of action in regards to the party activities. Among the best ways to start planning your big day is with a very simple list. Once you’ve got a general idea of how a lot of people you want to attend your wedding, you can start taking a look at venues.

What’s Actually Happening with Wedding Planning

If you choose to organize your journey by your own, begin to prepare all needed documents. Your wedding day will be special and remembered for the remainder of your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the wedding day is frequently a very long day and it is quite vital for everybody to feel comfortable.

New Step by Step Roadmap for Wedding Planning

It’s possible to either opt to decorate the venue with a one flower ( for instance, carnations of various colours, or Gerberas of many different colours, etc.) or you could decide various flowers of a certain color ( for instance, if your daughter likes yellow flowers, you’re able to pick yellow roses, yellow carnations, yellow dahlias, yellow narcissus, etc.). You’ll need to discover whether the venue features decor, sound and lighting on-site and the expenses involved (if applicable) and when you have the choice of outsourcing your own decor. In the event the venue doesn’t have insurance, then you are going to want to cover the price of insuring the venue for the duration you will use it. When choosing a wedding venue, there are plenty of things to consider to make certain that you are selecting the ideal venue for you as well as the sort of wedding that you want to host.

More about professional wedding photography

Hello and welcome to my world of weddings, wedding photography and everything else in between.

FABB Weddings provide wedding photography packages and budget wedding photography for those on a limited budget, but still provide a high level of customer satisfaction.
We’re not the typical wedding photographer as our style is mainly photojournalistic.  But if you’re all about the traditional shots of the tall at the back and the small at the front, then I can accommodate that too and still apply the same professionalism to the shoot.

As wedding photographers, we want to capture passion, love and elegance in a candid, way and to create images of those natural and spontaneous moments that make your wedding day special. That said, its your day, and I’m not completely against shooting the couple and a few of their closest friends, but be prepared to relax and follow our lead so we don’t just get pretty smiles for the camera.

FABB’s aim is to capture spontaneity with candid natural poses, by moving quietly through the ceremony and the reception we’re able to capture this spontaneity and create the most magic moments of your day. We have contained my costs by reducing many overheads such as expensive albums. If you need an album I can confidently point you in the right direction for you to chose what you want. 

We’ve been in the photography business for so many years and I often think about the early days when photography was on 35mm film and the major event to production was the darkroom. Here there was little room for error and as a budding wedding photographer I just had to get it right at the time of pressing the shutter Exposure meters were a very common piece of equipment slung around your neck and as anyone in the industry would know, the Bride reigns supreme especially on “her” day, so mistakes at this point of pressing the shutter can be a very daunting experience.  Hence the exposure meter to make sure exposure and shutter speed were going to provide the solution to avoid retribution from the bridal party.

Why do I mention this? Well, its to do with the fact that from an early age, I have developed a keen eye for detail, developed my skills as a photo-journalistic wedding photographer and become a leading well respected wedding photographer, but lets now take a brief tour of what and how I do it.

So please take a look at the pages, there’s a ton of information on the posts.  Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions, and if you have heard of something new or a merchants that needs a plug, please make your comments here

Feature Photoshoots

Dressing of the Bride – Jone & Andy

I recently had the privilege of photographing the wedding of a beautiful couple – Jone & Andy. One of my favourite parts of photographing a wedding (if not my favourite part!) is the ‘Dressing of the Bride’. Being a Glamour Photographer, I love capturing a woman’s beauty in portraits. And its hard to find a day when a woman looks more glamourous than her wedding day! With makeup perfectly applied, hair beautifully styled, and wearing her dream dress – a bride is such a joy to photograph!
I like to start by individually photographing the different aspects that will make up her “dressing” ….the shoes, flowers, perfume, and anything else unique to her. Then whilst the bride is carefully getting into her dress (usually with the help of willing bridesmaids or mum) I love to photograph the (sometimes hectic) event that IS ‘The Dress’! How to get the dress on without touching the hair and makeup, and how to do up the million buttons!!
But my absolute favourite part is once she is fully dressed, and looking like she has just stepped down from heaven! Here are just a few photographs taken of Jane during her ‘Dressing of the Bride’ moment…..

Monte & Jika // Engagement Shoot

Today I got to indulge my love of Studio Glamour with the Engagement Shoot of the very lovely (and just a bit spunky!) Monte & Jika . These guys are getting married in just 8 weeks, so today we had a bit of pre-wedding photo fun! What better time to have a Couple Glamour Photo shoot done then during your engagement! You’re young, looking good, and all loved up! I know that in years to come these guys are going to look back on these shots with very fond memories…and maybe even one day show the kiddies!?
We went from Casual to Glam, from candid to posed, and I must say Monte & Jika were fantastic models! A couple like this are a photographers dream, now I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!! Here are a few of my favs from the shoot…

Visit Professional Wedding Photographer

Welcome to FAB!

FAB was established by photographer Madison Castro in 2004. Madison has been a Professional Photographer for over ten years, completing both a Bachelor of Visual Communications (Photography & Digital Imaging) and an Associate Diploma of Fine Arts. Madison has photographed for magazines including Studio For Brides, Bride To Be, Sydney Bride and Bride’s Diary. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, Japan, Sydney and galleries throughout Australia. FAB Wedding Photography is for those wanting a Glamourous element to their wedding photography. Photographs that show emotion and passion, that are both creative and breathtaking. FAB will create an album you will fall in love with, and photographs that will be adored art peices on your walls.
If you would like to check our availability for your Wedding, or to make an appointment at our Showroom simply click on ‘Contact’ in the menu above.

FAB Photography Mission:

• To create the most stunning photographs you have ever had taken!

• To provide beautiful high quality professional photography that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

• To be warm, friendly, approachable and fun!

• To become your ‘family friend’ Photographer and help you celebrate your special events and seasons of life.

Professional Retouching
Madison is a Professional High End Retoucher, and personally retouches and designs all of her images and albums:    “I design and retouch every album myself because I have a personal standard that I want to maintain. Everybody is unique, and your album should reflect who you are. I don’t use third party retouchers or designers, nor do I use design templates. I like to be inspired by each individual photo shoot, and have the album design flow from that inspiration.”
AIPP Accredited Photographer
The AIPP is a not-for-profit organisation run voluntarily for and by professional photographers and industry representatives who seek to set a standard of excellence within the photographic industry. The AIPP strives to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional competence and business ethics in the industry. By maintaining rigorous entry criteria and a binding Code of Ethics for members, as well as providing ongoing education via seminars, workshops and events, the AIPP is a brand of trust in the photographic industry.